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Académie des Beaux Arts, Brussels, Diploma - BA (Hons) Fine Art, Surrey Institute, Farnham

I am interested in the idea of line and texture being combined to evoke aspects and rhythms found in nature and man- made structures. I try to distil my response to the essence of things. I am aware of the fragility and transient quality of a moment in time. I equate line to a piece of thread interconnecting, flowing, easily broken, lost and found.  Build-up consecutive lines have a density and rhythm which can be fragile, flowing or appear like layers or strata. Current work also incorporates metal leaf to emphasise the preciousness of nature in its jewel-like quality.


I worked as head of Printmaking and Artist in Residence at the South Hill Park Arts Centre for six years.  As well as running the department I participated in many art projects as Artist in the Community and collaborated with other artists across many disciplines leading to several exhibitions and performances at the centre (group and solo).


After leaving SHP I  joined the Oxford Printmakers Co-op and exhibit regularly with the group in the Oxford area at venues including Christ Church Gallery, Oxfordshire Museum, Sanders Gallery, Hereford Museum, Reading Museum, O3 Gallery, Sewell Art Centre, SJE Oxford etc.


I won the best 2D award at the Newbury Arts Festival which resulted in a solo exhibition. Other Exhibitions include: Fairfield’s Art Centre, International Women’s Week, Modern Artists Gallery, New Ashgate Gallery and the Affordable Arts Fair London from 2002 to 2022.

Publishing: John Austin Publishing

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